Additional Benefits

Development Incentives:

To better incentivize early vaildators, the Builder's Airdrop will distribute ZBC tokens weighted by the builder's zebec points:

Builder Airdrop Amount = Total Airdrop Amount * Builder Zebec Points / (Total Builder Credits)*

For example, the airdrop might run like this:

  • When 3,000 Zepoch Nodes are sold, $1 million USDT will be airdropped, distributed based on Zebec points

  • When 8,000 Zepoch Nodes sold, $4 million USDT will be airdropped, distributed based on Zebec points

For more details, please join the Official Zebec Telegram Group.

Zepoch Node Airdrops:

When 15,000 Zepoch node NFTs are sold, Operation Horizon will enter its next stage, activating the Zepoch Node Airdrop:

The Zepoch Node NFT Holder stakes the NFT to the contract to get ZBC daily airdrops; the airdrop is a combined total of 1 million ZBC per day, the number of airdrops is halved every 90 days, and the reward will be evenly distributed amongst all Zepoch Stakers.

Nitro Boost Rewards

Nitro rewards is a referral program. When someone buys a Zepoch with your referral code, Nitro Rewards give you 5% of the value of their ZBC Daily airdrop. And if they refer people, you’ll get 15% of their referrals’ airdrop value, once three people have successfully used your referral code.

Zepoch POS Revenue

After the mainnet is launched, the Zepoch validator nodes will earn validation transaction fee.

Protocol dividends

Zepoch node holders will share in 20% of the total profit of Zebec Chain when the chain has launched.

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