Zepoch Node Whitelist

Phase 1 of getting a Zepoch Node and building Zebec Chain

The first 288 Zepoch Node NFTs will be available to those who have signed up for the whitelist and who stake 188,888 ZBC. Those who stake will be able to withdraw their stake after a year. Participants will also be able to purchase the first 288 Zepoch Nodes for $1,888 USDT or BUSD, if they are unable to stake ZBC on BNB Chain.

You only have until the 11th of October, 1pm UTC (9am EST | 6am PST) to sign up for the whitelist and be eligible for the initial, free Zepoch NFTs.

After that, Zepoch Node NFTs will be available for purchase at gradually increasing rates. The 289th-300th "Zepoch" node will be priced at 2,000 USDT/BUSD.

The price of Zepoch Nodes will increase by 0.5% (5/1000) for every 50 additional node holders, starting at the 301st Zepoch node.

NOTE: You can trade or sell your Zepoch NFT only after all 30,000 are sold. Until that point, it will not be possible to transfer or trade them.

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