Withdraw Funds

There are two kinds of withdrawal currently in Zebec. - Withdrawing balance you deposit into Zebec so that you can fund outgoing transactions - Withdrawing balance you received from other people

Withdraw Incoming Funds

Withdrawing streamed token is easy.

Just go to your incoming tab. Select the stream you want to withdraw funds from.

Select the “Actions” menu, select “Withdraw.”

Next, enter your withdrawal amount.

Streamed Token = The amount of money streamed in that transaction. Max Withdrawable Token = The amount of money that can be withdrawn from the transaction.

Enter your desired amount.

You can enter the maximum amount to withdraw.

If for some reason the maximum value does not work, please enter a few decimals less than the maximum value.

For example, instead of 10, you enter 9.99 or 9.98.

That should get the job done.

The remaining amount is still remaining in your account for future withdrawals.

Withdrawing Deposited Token

Go to your Zebec dashboard and click “Withdraw‘ button at the top in the navigation bar.

Select your desired token and enter the desired amount.

Press Withdraw and proceed with your transaction.

Note : Sender should have enough token to stream you. If sender cancels the stream , the token will be directly deposited to the main wallet of receiver.i.e receiver should not click on withdraw button in case of cancellation.

If you have more questions, please ask at #support-zebec in our Discord.


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