How to get started?

You can follow the following steps to easily get started with Zebec Pay.

You can follow the following steps to easily get started in The Stream.

  1. Have Phantom Wallet installed as an extension.

  2. Click on the “Get Started” button on the homepage and connect with the Phantom Wallet.

  3. Enter your desired amount, recipient address, and select start and end date to start a stream.

Let’s understand Zebec Pay with a real example. Let’s suppose Sam wants to hire David to build a project to participate in Solana’s Ignition hackathon for 50 Sol for 40 days starting from Aug 31, 2021 to Oct 08, 2021. Sam wants to pay David per second using Zebec Protocol.

Creating a stream payment In order to create a stream payment, first and foremost Sam must have 50 Sol or more in his phantom wallet. Sam can now initialize the stream payment by entering the recipient wallet address and selecting date and time. In our case, the following are the details for creating a stream. Amount - 50 Sol

Recipient Wallet Address (David’s Wallet Address)- AD51HA9nhEemo2w1pwnQ3BioyYVUWvNNNfArYpf9UffH Start Date - Aug 31, 2021; 09:00 End Date - Oct 08, 2021; 09:00

Receiving a Stream Payment For David to receive from a stream payment, he needs to simply give his wallet address to Sam and view the stream by checking “Incoming Streams” in the Dashboard.

Pause & Resume If David is not working or if there’s any conflict of interest, Sam can pause the stream payment to stop payment being streamed to David’s address and resume it again. Cancelling a Stream Payment If Sam is unhappy with David’s work or vice versa, both can cancel the stream payment whenever they want to. Let’s understand how “Cancel” works in more detail. Let's assume Sam canceled the stream payment after 31 days on Sep 30, 2021; 17:00. David will receive 39.17 Sol (31 days & 8 hours work) and the stream will end.

Withdrawing from a Stream Payment David will be able to withdraw from an ongoing stream, from a completed stream or from a cancelled stream. Let's suppose the stream is still in progress but David wants to withdraw on Sep 06, 2021; 9:00. David will be able to withdraw 8.75 Sol on Sep 06, 2021 at 9:00. Once the stream is completed, David will be able to withdraw the whole amount i.e 50 Sol. If the stream is cancelled, David will be able to withdraw the amount that has been streamed upto the cancelled date (this scenario has been explained above in “Cancelling a Stream Payment”).

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