Zepoch Node NFT

The Privileges and Price of Zepoch Nodes

Zepoch Node NFTs guarantee your right to run a Zebec Chain Validator Node in the future. Validators should earn around 4-7% from running a node. Right now, Zepoch Nodes give you access to multiple reward streams including:

1.) Share in 20% of the revenue from Zebec protocol once the chain is live

2.) A 5% USDT rebate for every purchase made with their referral code

3.) Nitro rewards - between 5%-15% of the airdrop rewards of the people you successfully refer

4.) Builder’s Airdrop: An airdrop of ZBC and USDT based on your Zebec points

5.) Zebec Airdrop: A daily airdrop whose parameters are TBD.

You can buy as many Zepoch Node NFTs as you like, each one giving you the right to run another node and earn more rewards. The first 288 will be airdropped to people who have joined the whitelist and locked at least 188,888 ZBC tokens for a year. Once staked, your ZBC can be withdrawn after a year. It's also possible to purchase the first 288 for $1,888 USDT or BUSD.

After the initial whitelist, Zepoch Node NFTs will be available for purchase at gradually increasing rates. The 289th-300th "Zepoch" node will be priced at 2,000 USDT/BUSD.

The price of Zepoch Nodes will increase by 0.5% (5/1000) for every 50 additional node holders, starting at the 301st Zepoch node.

NOTE: You can trade or sell your Zepoch NFT only after all 30,000 are sold. Until that point, it will not be possible to transfer or trade them.

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