Zebec Stream Client

ZebecStreamClient is a client library that provides an interface to interact with the Zebec Stream smart contract. It allows you to perform various operations such as initiating streams, withdrawing tokens, updating streams, and more.


To use the ZebecStreamClient library, you need to have the zebec-bnb-sdk package installed in your project. You can install them using npm:

npm install @zebec-protocol/zebec-bnb-sdk

Environment Setup

To Setup the environment checkout the .env.example at https://github.com/Zebec-protocol/bnb-zebec-sdk.



Chain Ids

56, 22222(Nautilus), 5, 97


Environment to work on : "production" or "test"

"production" if you are working on mainnet and "test" for testnets

Test Code

The test code can also serve as a reference for how to use the ZebecStreamClient class in practice.

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