📈ZBCN Tokemonics


ZBCN is the governance and utility token of the Zebec Network. Holders of ZBCN have voting rights in the governance system and vote on critical decisions that affect the network and the ecosystem. Their influence is proportional to the amount of ZBCN they hold or control.

In addition to voting rights and influencing the priorities of Zebec business ventures, the ZBCN token unlocks a variety of benefits and incentives for holders.

At its Core

ZBCN is not a new token. It is the next generation of the original token of the Zebec Protocol — ZBC. The transition to the ZBCN ticker represents a strategic shift, better reflecting our business’s evolution, growth in our portfolio of products and the infrastructure that powers it. And better optimized for our decentralized network, as its utilization significantly expands from supporting payment flows to also include data and physical Infrastructure (DePin).

The only difference in the new generation token is the split 1:10 to streamline the gas fee structure, at 1 ZBCN per transaction. No additional supply is minted and each ZBC in circulation is swapped for 10 ZBCN.

Once the migration is completed, ZBCN becomes the exclusive native token of the Zebec Network, mirroring the token distribution and vesting schedule and the foundational tokenomics established by ZBC.

(for reference: Tokenomics of ZBC)

ZBCN Governance Model — Hybrid

The Zebec DAO operates under a hybrid governance model, merging on-chain and off-chain decision-making. This approach leverages blockchain’s transparency and immutability alongside the adaptability of traditional governance, reflecting a growing trend in the blockchain domain for a more nuanced and flexible governance structure.

ZBCN governance combines ZBCN token holders’ direct on-chain voting on proposals with extensive off-chain consultations, proposal vetting and informal consensus building across various formats, forums and social channels. This allows for a thorough exploration of proposals before they are formalized through on-chain votes. Governance hub.

Governance Process

The governance process and vote works as follows:

Community members initiate ideas for proposals on Zebec’s forum and social channels, or investors and partners put forward proposals for consideration. Off-chain activities such as briefings, discussions, debates and consultations are compiled into articles and reports, shared through Zebec’s channels and community boards. Proposals, which gain significant traction or reached informal consensus after consultation with investors and ZBCN holders, proceed to a voting phase. The DAO conducts a vote on-chain, with outcomes subsequently published and announced to the broader community.

ZIPs (Zebec Improvement Proposals) are typically allotted a 3 to 5 days voting period, during which addresses with voting power can cast their vote for or against the proposal. If enough votes are cast to reach a quorum — set at 33% of circulation [confirm] — the proposal is considered passed and the execution phase follows.

The ZBCN governance process is transparent, inclusive and permits sufficient time for substantive evaluation, discussion and consideration.

Utility of ZBCN

ZBCN in gas and bridging fees

As a unified and versatile token, ZBCN streamlines transactions and network interactions within our integrated RWA payments, data, and physical infrastructure (DePIN).

Fee structure of 1ZBCN per transaction supports the token’s deflationary aspect. When used as a gas fee to bridge assets into the Zebec Network, the fee is automatically distributed to validators and a portion automatically burned.

Native collateral

ZBCN can be used as native asset liquidity or collateral to applications built on within the Zebec ecosystem to incentivize broader adoption of the Zebec’s infrastructure. As Zebec expands its network beyond payment flows to data and physical infrastructure (DePin), especially with the anticipated launch of our Zebec Point of Service (PoS) device, the use cases for ZNBC will continue to evolve with the needs of the growing eco-system and network. Which in its turn further advances the value of the ZBCN token for holders.

Incentives for ZBCN Holders

Beyond governance participation and influencing the priorities of Zebec business ventures, the ZBCN token unlocks a variety of benefits and incentives, including, but not limited to:

Access to VIP, no-fee premium Zebec products, and reduced fees for the Zebec App’s safe, treasury, and streaming features. ZBCN holders gain access to the premium Zebec Instant Card product, which offers increased spending limits, as well as priority access to the forthcoming reloadable version of the Zebec Instant Card. Moreover, higher spending limits on Zebec Instant come with automatic enrollment into Rewards programs with up to 5% ZBCN back on spending.

Payments and fees markets: ZBCN is integrated into our card and RWA payments infrastructure, allowing it to be used for fees on applications built on the Nautilus and within the Zebec Network. In an event of network congestion, users have the option to tip the sequencer for transaction prioritization, a benefit that extends to those delegating to the sequencer. This system aims to enhance token’s demand and value.

Exclusive Airdrops and Incentives from partner projects — ZBCN holders qualify for exclusive airdrops from partner projects. Zebec Card has become a vehicle to provide utility with most popular memecoins of Solana, Base and Etherium ecosystems. Zebec’s contacts to integrate these tokens into Zebec Card are structured in a way that allocates tokens for ZBCN holders.

The use cases for ZNBC token will continue to evolve with the needs of the growing eco-system and network, as Zebec continues to expand its network, especially with the anticipated launch of our Point-of-Service (PoS) device and the physical infrastructure (DePin). These developments likely to add the value of the ZBCN token for holders.

2024 and beyond

Zebec Network enhances its business operations, products, infrastructure and ecosystem, it continues to solidify its premium position among key fintech startups, pioneering cutting-edge payment and payroll solutions for both web2 and web3 economies. Which further advances market position, stability and value of the ZBCN token for holders.

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