Zebec Points System

Zebec points are a voucher system designed to reward those who buy Zepoch NFTs or help friends purchase them. The more points you have, the greater your rewards from the Zebec airdrops will be. Here’s how to get Zebec Points:

1.) The first 288 Zepoch holders will receive a reward of 2000 Zebec Points for each Zepoch node

2.) After the first 288 Zepoch have been sold, participants will receive Zebec points equal to the USDT amount of their Zepoch purchases.

3.) Receive a reward of 1,000 Zebec Points every time someone successfully purchases a Zepoch Node with your referral code.

4.) When you buy a Zepoch Node, you will receive Zebec points reward of 0.5* of the node price. I.e x= Zepoch price; y=Zebec Points; y=0.5x

5.) Stake purchased Zepoch Nodes to earn more Zebec Points.

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