Budget Allocation

Phase 1:

The first 288 Zepoch nodes, which Zebec will use to incentivize early participants in the Zebec Ecosystem, will be available to users with more than 188,888 ZBC tokens. Users who've locked 188,888 ZBC tokens for one year will be eligible for an airdrop of "Zepoch" node. Do note that users will need to obtain the whitelist in advance, and the exact date will be released on our official channels in the near future.

  • First 288 Zepoch Holders will automatically receive the “Themis Gavel” NFT.

  • Fill in the information on the official website to get whitelisted for the first phase.

  • Users need to fill in the information on the official website to join in the whitelist. (horizon.zebec.io)

  • For retail investors, please fill in your wallet address.

  • KOLs or related industry professionals, please provide related links such as Twitter, YouTube, Blog, etc.

Phase 2:

  • The 289th-300th "Zepoch" node will be priced at 2,000 USDT/BUSD.

  • The price of Zepoch NFT will increase by 0.5% (5/1000) for every 50 additional node holders, starting at the 301st "Zepoch" node.

  • Holders who have completed the Zebec Referral Program will receive an additional Themis Gavel NFT.

Referral Program:

The Zepoch Node Holder (Referrer) will receive a 5% rebate (USDT) for each conversion through the referral program.

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