• Get the opportunity to co-build consensus of the Zebec Protocol.

  • Access to Zepoch node NFT and enjoy many benefits it provides.

  • Becoming a part of Zepoch node and sharing a major percentage of the staking rewards.

  • Zebec foundation will use 20% of protocol profit to backbuy ZBC from Zepoch Holders.

  • Early participants are eligible to receive $ZBC airdrops.

  • Additional Themis Gavel NFT to enjoy even more benefits and privileges.

  • The holder of the soul-bound(EIP-5114) token "Themis Gavel" can participate in community governance, and has the right to vote on profit distribution and ecosystem evolvement.

  • Zebec DAO governance.

  • Established Referral Program to rewards zbc-points for additional rewards.

  • Join Zebec's ecosystem related whitelist and share ecosystem expansion revenue opportunities with Zebec foundation.

  • Horizon Treasury

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