Whitelisting Tokens

Streaming is only allowed for tokens that have been added to the whitelist within the Zebec Core Contract. Use whitelistToken() method:

const tokenAddresses = ["tokenA", "tokenB"];
await zebecClient.grantWhitelisterRole(sender.address);
await zebecClient.whitelistToken([tokenAddress]);

Note: Only user who has whitlisterRole can whitelist a token. To grant whitelister role, use the grantWhitelisterRole():

//only contract owner can grant whitelister role
const zebecClientOwner = new ZebecStreamClient(contractOwner);
await zebecClientOwner.grantWhitelisterRole(whitelisterAddress);

To whitelist your token on the existing Zebec protocol, please reach out directly to the administrator. You can see the list of whitelisted tokens at:

pageWhitelisted Tokens on BSC and Nautilus

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