Zebec Protocol

Founder Sam and Zebec

Sam is a self-made entrepreneur, when he started first e-commerce company, it was acquired a year later for by Nepal's leading technology company, Sam then launched his second AI company focusing on recommendation algorithms, providing algorithm services for the popular live broadcasting platform at the time, the system handles more than 150 million requests per day, while obtaining patented technology.
Through the experience of e-commerce and AI algorithms, Sam is deeply touched by the loss of users caused by the payment system that plays a key role, and in 2017, Sam published a paper discussing how AI systems can optimize the field of payroll payment and achieve real-time payroll, which can motivate employees, help employees face sudden life difficulties, and achieve the purpose of improving the overall efficiency of the company.
Wage payment has a global market of nearly 40 trillion, the current largest payment company in the United States share of about 800 billion, the market accounted for less than 2%, it is conceivable that even if the capital giant in the face of geographical restrictions, it is still difficult to break through.
From 2014 to 2017, Sam participated in the investment and construction of almost all early public chains, because Sam believes that blockchain technology will break the geographical constraints of traditional financial application scenarios. Zebec uses Sam's experience to systematically think about the dilemma of the payment application field, Sam's team not only shines in the hackathon, Zebec system is particularly concerned by the Solana ecosystem, believing that Solana and Zebec provide streaming payments complement each other, so they join the Solana ecosystem, and more than 200 projects currently use Zebec's streaming payment service on Solana.